My Favorites

Space is often in the media, and there's a ton of great material out there. I'll share my favorites here for anyone who's interested, but I'm always open to new recommendations!


I'm currently working on an ambitious new book: Rocket Propulsion Elements, by George P. Sutton. It's an actual textbook used by aerospace engineering students and is supposedly the Holy Grail of rocket science. There's a ton of math and science involved, far beyond my meager intelligence; now I really wish I studied more of that in school. But it's super interesting and I've learned a ton, so I'll get through it eventually!



Podcasts: The Orbital Mechanics
TV Shows: The Expanse, National Geographic's Mars
Commercials: "Commander", Audi R8 2016 Super Bowl; "Moonshot", Gatorade
Websites: From Space With Love

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